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Training is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways of improving an organisation’s business development and tender performance.


To help customers receive maximum value (and return on investment) from our best practice approach, we have developed a suite of in-house training courses that fully align with our portfolio of services. These have been designed to be highly interactive and focus on bridging identified skills and knowledge gaps. We have delivered training to over 1,000 delegates across all sectors and consistently receive exceptional feedback.


After delivering the initial programme, we can provide refresher courses on a quarterly, biannual or annual basis. Some organisations run our Best Practice Bid Writing training course when a new tender is released so the virtual team learn the process together, ensuring team cohesion and a unified vision.


Our training courses can be tailored to your specific requirements, irrespective of the sector and organisation size.

Best Practice Bid Writing

A one-day training workshop that looks at tendering from both the customer’s and bidder’s perspective.


The course introduces delegates to a methodology (process, tools and techniques) that can transform their internal tendering process to produce significantly improved bids, which are both compelling and customer focused. Through the interactive nature of the day attendees have the opportunity to apply elements of the methodology to their own solutions/services, bringing the theory to life and maximising the value they realise from it.


Areas covered during the day include:


  • Selling in tenders:

    • Features and benefits


  • The customer’s evaluation team and evaluation process:

    • How customers build an evaluation team

    • The process they go through when evaluating a tender

    • Analysing the evaluation criteria and modelling quality/price weightings


  • Tender evaluation activity


  • Bid writing methodology – overview of our best practice approach to bid writing and a look at each key element of the process:

    • Kick-off meeting

    • Question analysis – designing the optimal structure for your answer

    • Answer guidance – a tool that assists question owners to write high quality answers

    • Writing content – hints and tips

    • Contractual considerations

    • Response checklist – ensuring responses follow best practice

    • Red Team Review – an independent peer review in advance of the bid submission

Business Development

A one-day training course that explores the key business development and sales skills required to build strategic and enduring relationships with customers and colleagues.


The course introduces attendees to a range of sales skills and techniques, and through the interactive nature of the day, provides an opportunity for them to immediately apply their learning to existing and potential future business development opportunities. This allows the attendees to objectively assess how they are currently placed for particular opportunities and what can be done to improve the likelihood of success.


Topics covered during the course include:


  • Different approaches to business development

  • Customer interaction

  • How to sell your services

  • When to pursue an opportunity / tender

  • Customer / stakeholder analysis

  • Competitive analysis

  • Procurement routes

  • Sales strategies

General information

Course times


Standard course times are 9.00am–5.00pm (includes an hour break for lunch).


Dates and times are flexible and can be confirmed during booking.





It will be assumed the course will take place at your office or at an alternative location arranged by you. The room will need to be appropriately sized for the number of attendees and include a table for them to work around, a projector and screen or large television, and a flipchart with paper.

Virtual training

Our courses can also be delivered virtually through videoconferencing software, something we have done increasingly throughout the current situation.


To transfer or cancel a booking, please contact 03333 448789.


For further information or support, please contact us here.

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