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Writing style

We have obsessive attention to detail, it’s something that’s often commented on - and we’re proud of it. It can be the difference between winning and losing.


The influence and impact of a bid’s written style cannot be underestimated. It can help make life so much easier for the evaluators - if it’s easy to read, it’s often more understandable, meaning the evaluators are less likely to get frustrated/irritated, and you are more likely to get a higher score.


This is where we come in. As part of our tendering service, we act as your grammar police, wordsmith and critical friend, ensuring your response is understandable, standardised, compelling and high scoring.


Best practice tips

However, it’s not all up to us. Here are seven best practice tips on writing style:


  1. We do business with people; reflect this in the answers using “our”, “we” and “you” to make the response more personal

  2. Use natural, everyday words: if you wouldn’t say it, don’t write it

  3. Avoid superfluous words and long sentences and paragraphs

  4. If jargon can’t be avoided, ensure it is explained

  5. Be consistent: don’t juggle acronyms or terms

  6. Adopt the customer’s language: if “customer” is used in the question, don’t refer to “client”

  7. Read what you have written out loud; it sometimes helps to identify if a sentence is unclear and needs rewriting

“Initially, some customers can be perplexed by the amount of changes we make to their responses” Impart Director Richard explains, “however once we get to the final stages of our iterative review process, it becomes evident the value our approach has on the quality of their submission and the score they receive.”


If you’d like to know how Impart could support you, please click here.

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