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Key phrases

Adopting the customer’s language when writing a bid response may seem unnecessary and impractical, but it can add tremendous value to your final submission, as it ensures the content is familiar and understandable.


It also:


  • Reduces ambiguity and clearly illustrates how your processes/solutions match the requirements

  • Demonstrates that you have read and understood the question

  • Gives subject matter experts greater focus when writing a response

  • Ensures all aspects of the question have been covered


This type of mirroring not only delivers the benefits outlined above, but it also demonstrates that your organisation fits culturally with the customer’s. If nothing else, this will encourage the customer to view your organisation in a positive light because you appear to have similar values, beliefs and attitudes.

Using key phrases


When we refer to key phrases, we are talking about identifying pertinent words and phrases in a question and weaving them into the answer. For instance, if there is a question on value for money which also references “innovative practices” and “only paying for the products/services required”, we ensure that these phrases are specifically mentioned in the response.


This is something we support subject matter experts to achieve as part of our best practice approach through the creation of Answer Guidance Templates, which detail the phrases that need adding to a response, and our iterative review process, during which we ensure they have been incorporated. As with the other aspects of our bid management/reviewing process, this gives our clients the best chance of submitting a compelling and high-scoring response.


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