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A Day in the Life – A Consultant’s Perspective (Interviews)

Today we are interviewing subject matter experts (SMEs) to strengthen their answers to a sexual health service tender. Due to the breadth of the questions we will require input from our client’s operational staff, clinical colleagues and partners.

Working with SMEs during the bid writing process is a rewarding experience, but everyone works in different ways so we need to have a flexible approach to this engagement. During the writing and reviewing process we are always on hand to support SMEs, whether that’s face-to-face or over the phone, or via video conferencing or email.

For this particular tender, some of the SMEs find it easier to provide information verbally and have requested interviews. Even though interviews (and the writing up afterwards) can be time-consuming, they often lead to responses taking shape faster for the SME because each point is discussed and resolved there and then, ultimately saving them time.

Because of our best practice iterative review process, our interviews are structured around our edits and critiques, making it easier to identify the most pertinent questions to ask. As the SMEs have sight of our drafts in advance of the interview, the conversation is straightforward for both parties so we can effectively collect the information required to strengthen a response.

“We understand that every SME has a preferred way of working, which is why we tailor the way we interact with them for the benefit of the bid,” explains Director Richard. “This means they feel more comfortable and engaged with the process, ensuring we work well together.”

If you’d like to know how Impart could support you, please email Richard Tobias at or call for a no-obligation chat on 03333 448789.

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