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A Day in the Life – Joining Impart in Lockdown

Having moved to Leeds from London a matter of days before lockdown, my first few weeks have been a little unusual – it certainly wasn’t the ideal situation in which to start my new role as a Bid Consultant at Impart.

My experience of starting a new job in a new city has been very different to what I was expecting, something I’m no doubt experiencing in solidarity with many other new starters across the nation. On my first day I was fortunate enough to work at the Impart office alongside Director Richard, but that evening the strict lockdown rules came into effect and, like most non-key workers, I’ve had to quickly adjust to full-time home working. Having meetings through my laptop and adjusting to social distancing has been quite a challenge for a very sociable person.

Thanks to modern-day technology, I’ve now “met” my colleagues and built strong relationships with them as they’ve supported me through my early weeks. Our daily morning videoconference meetings have been great for touching base, keeping up to date with everything we’re working on and giving structure to the day ahead.

Whilst working life is looking a little different than I’d envisioned, I’ve been able to navigate training online and learnt about the business through a series of calls with the team and our customers. Due to the flexible nature of our services, we can easily work remotely using cloud technology, email and phone/video calls, to fit around customers’ schedules, something I’ve experienced first-hand since joining.

My onboarding and training has been varied and I’ve experienced all aspects of the business from the customers we work with, the training courses we offer, our best practice bid writing methodology, how we review and improve documentation and manage kick-off and peer review meetings. Over the last month I have observed how valued our support is by our customers and how it gives them the best possible chance of winning their desired contracts. Our services not only add structure to the tendering process but ensure that the documentation submitted is well written, answers the question thoroughly and meets/exceeds all the requirements of the evaluation criteria.

The Impart team has given me a warm welcome and I’m really looking forward to the day I get to move from my dining-room table back to the office and finally getting to meet everyone face-to-face.

If you’d like to know how Impart could support you, please email me at or call for a no-obligation chat on 03333 448789.

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