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Business Development – Tender Health Check

Irrespective of whether our engagement with a potential new client is through a recommendation, a visit to our website, attending one of our talks / presentations, or an existing contact moving companies, it’s important we demonstrate how we can add value to their tendering activity from the outset. This often takes the form of a tender health check, which we offer free of charge, and not only provides valuable feedback to potential clients, but offers us an insight into their tender maturity and the level of support they may require.

This thorough review offers an insight into the health of tenders from an evaluator’s perspective, highlighting how they can be improved to better address what the evaluator is looking for. Evaluation criteria and specification requirements are often overlooked, making this invaluable guidance.

If a tender is well produced, we will tell the client as such; however, the majority of tenders we review succumb to the same four or five issues, which are hugely detrimental to their overall quality, and limit the marks they will receive. These issues include, for example, using a structure which makes the response difficult to evaluate, and not clearly addressing the evaluation criteria.

As well as identifying these issues, our health checks offer feedback on how potential clients can improve these areas, aligned to our best practice bid writing methodology.

“We offer this service free of charge as we are confident that we have the expertise to strengthen an organisation’s written tenders no matter the business or sector,” Simon explains. “This is because our methodology has been designed to apply to all formal procurement processes, making us ideally suited to support anyone.”

If you’d like to discuss Impart performing a health check on one of your tenders, please email Simon Esbach at or call for a no-obligation chat on 03333 448789.

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