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Season’s Greetings: A Year in the Life of Impart

Now that Christmas music and fairy lights abound, it’s time to reflect on what has been a busy year at Impart. Although we would love to give you a month-by-month summary, we’ve selected some of our highlights to share.

We’ve grown – two new team members, Dave Austin and Ben Major (and looking for another) – and helped a client to make significant progress towards securing a contract worth circa £800million.

Work has started on giving the website a fresh paint job (and decals, trims, wheels, engine…). Not only will this modernise the brand, but also better convey how our services have evolved over the years. This will go live in the first quarter of 2020 (there will probably be a blog about it…).

It’s been a year of new relationships, in which we’ve begun partnerships with many new clients, including telecoms providers, auditors, construction companies, GP federations and community interest companies.

But we’ve also continued to support many of our established clients as well, including numerous NHS Trusts. These enduring, close relationships are testament to the quality of the services we continue to offer our clients, new and long-standing.

The new year presents exciting opportunities, not least because of all the networking we’ve been doing at events around the country, where we’ve delivered presentations on our best practice approach to tendering. This has created a lot of interest, and we’re ploughing through a number of free-of-charge tender health checks, something we offer all potential clients to demonstrate the value we can add.

Lots more has happened, but instead of going on, we’ll finish by saying thank you to all the people we’ve worked with over the past year; it’s been a pleasure and an honour to help. And also thank you to all the people who have worked with us and helped us to grow.

We wouldn’t want you to get away unscathed this festive season, so here’s a picture of the extended Impart family:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us.

P.S. we also got an office coffee machine, Nespresso no less. It’s gone down a Stormio in the office…

As ever, if you’d like to know how Impart could support you, please email Richard Tobias at or call for a no-obligation chat on 03333 448789.

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