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Making tendering easy

Tendering can be an arduous process for the best of us, especially if it has to fit in around day-to-day duties. That’s why, as part of our best practice approach, we have developed a number of tools and processes to make tendering as easy and painless as possible.


One of the issues that subject matter experts (SMEs) often struggle with is not only writing compliant, high-scoring and compelling responses, but trying to write thousands of words in between other tasks. That is why we have developed answer guidance templates (AGTs), which are proven not only to help SMEs write better content first time, but also reduce the amount of time it takes them to produce the responses. This is achieved through breaking questions down into easily understandable chunks and providing straightforward instructions to assist completion.

Best practice review process


Our best practice iterative review process, during which we critique, edit and address inadequacies in tender responses, helps SMEs to focus on the parts of their answers that need strengthening with their specialist input, therefore saving them time. Our editing expertise also ensures they don’t need to worry about crafting the perfect sentence - we’ve got that covered.


In our kick-off meetings we detail the bid timetable, assign question owners and ensure everyone is on the same page, resulting in the effective management of the process and keeping it as simple as possible. Plus, for every bid we create a tracker, an administrative tool, detailing deadlines, drafts and question owners, that is constantly updated to keep SMEs aware of what is expected of them and the time frames. This is part of a robust management process that we follow for every bid.


The evaluator's perspective

But it’s not only SMEs we make life easier for, it’s also the people who have to painstakingly read each and every tender submission – the evaluators. The AGTs ensure responses mirror the structure of the question and that SMEs adopt the evaluator’s language, through question breakdowns and simple instructions. This means it’s easy to check that responses are complete and compliant. Due to this and our rigorous approach to writing style, which ensures responses are always well articulated and easy to read, we make it as easy as possible for evaluators to award our clients a higher score.


“We understand how daunting the tendering process can be, especially when faced with thousands of words to write,” Bid Consultant Ben explains, “which is why we strive to make the process as easy as possible for SMEs so they can produce better content in less time.”


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