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Model Award Criteria

The Social Value Model Award Criteria (MAC) are designed to encourage bidders to consider the social value of their proposals when responding to public sector contracts. Used correctly, the MAC can help you to differentiate yourself and win contracts by demonstrating your commitment to creating social value. Here are some ways that you can use the MAC to create compelling bid responses.

  1. Understand the criteria

The first step to creating a compelling bid response is to understand the MAC. Each criterion is designed to assess how bidders will contribute to the social, economic, and environmental wellbeing of the communities they will be working in. It covers five key themes:

  • Supporting local communities

  • Tackling economic inequality

  • Fighting climate change

  • Promoting equal opportunities

  • Creating healthier communities


By understanding the criteria, you can identify how you can best contribute to each of these themes and tailor your response accordingly.

   2. Identify social value outcomes

The next step is to identify specific social value outcomes your organisation can deliver for the themes identified in the criteria. This could include:

  • Supporting local businesses and creating jobs for local people

  • Using sustainable materials and practices to reduce carbon emissions

  • Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace

  • Supporting community initiatives and volunteering programmes

  • Providing training and education opportunities for local people


You should be specific and provide measurable outcomes wherever possible. This will demonstrate your commitment to creating social value and help you stand out from other bidders.

   3. Demonstrate expertise and experience

You should also demonstrate your expertise and experience in creating social value. This could include:

  • Highlighting previous projects that have delivered social value outcomes

  • Describing how you will work with local communities to deliver the desired outcomes

  • Outlining how you will measure and report on the social value delivered

  • Providing case studies or testimonials from previous clients or partners


By demonstrating your expertise and experience, you can build trust with the contracting authority and show that you are the best candidate to deliver the desired social value outcomes.

  4. Collaborate with partners

Collaborating with partners can also help you to create a compelling bid response. This could include working with local charities, community groups, or other organisations that have expertise in delivering social value outcomes. Collaborating with partners can help you to:

  • Build strong relationships with local stakeholders

  • Access specialist knowledge and resources

  • Demonstrate an active commitment to working collaboratively


You should clearly outline your partnership arrangements and the specific contributions that each partner will make to the bid.


  5. Demonstrate innovation


Finally, you should try to demonstrate innovation in your approach to delivering social value outcomes. This could include:

  • Using new technologies or approaches to reduce environmental impact

  • Creating new jobs or training opportunities in underrepresented areas

  • Developing new partnerships or collaborative models to deliver social value outcomes


By demonstrating innovation, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and show that you are committed to finding creative solutions to social challenges.

If you’d like to know how Impart can help you to create compelling social value content for future bids, click here.

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