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A Day in the Life – A Bid Consultant’s Perspective (Kick-off meeting)

A client has decided to bid for an Invitation to Tender (ITT) so we’re running a kick-off meeting with them to go through the specification, determine our win strategy, outline our process and, most importantly, to assign owners to each of the questions.

That final part of the process is crucial because it gives one subject matter expert (SME) (sometimes more, but best practice is one) the responsibility to ensure the question drafts are completed on time and to the required standard, and reduces prevarication.

Typically, we suggest, as best practice, a kick-off meeting should include:

  • The customer’s key requirements

  • Feedback on the bid documentation from each departmental lead

  • The capture of any formal clarification questions required

  • An overview of the proposed service/solution

  • Your relationship with the customer

  • The likely competition

  • Finalising the win themes and the strategy for mitigating any weaknesses

  • How the tender will be assessed/what needs to be submitted

  • Agreeing SME question ownership

  • Agreeing the final draft (Red Team) reviewers

  • The bid plan, including all key internal/external deadlines

Impart Director Richard explains, "The kick-off meeting is a critical part of the bidding process. It sets the best-practice plan into motion and ensures that everyone knows and understands their roles, and the deadlines involved, to ensure a high-scoring bid is produced."

If you’d like to know how Impart could support you, please email Richard Tobias at or call for a no-obligation chat on 07831 403899.

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